The Wanderer

His path is his destiny


The CISK has been on Earth since the beginning of mankind. Adam has to risk everything to discover the destiny of the universe and the CISK is the only tool in existence to allow him to do this. He is tasked to wander the universe along with a group of cosmic companions to realize his potential and his true path.

His path is his destiny


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Our Heroes


The reluctant hero

Born into a family of famed archeologists, Adam has never been able to reach his potential, while all his family members died gloriously in the field, either by being trapped in a tomb or eaten by cannibals. Adam could only get his degree in Anthropology, and not even a Phd. He is Not one for physical activity and usually spends his days in libraries and his office doing research on other people's adventures. Adam's only true friend is Chang, a grad student who once took one of Adam's classes. To survive in the wild world that is the galaxy Adam must overcome his own feelings of self worth while trying to come to terms that he will get a little bit dirty


The innocent alien

Originally from a far away planet, Chang has blissfully traveled all over the galaxies. Hailed as one of the best space archeologists in the galaxy, Chang has a knack for finding the most random, and worthless artifacts in the universe. Over and above being a little unorthodox and quirky, he is also more of an anti Indiana Jones in the fact that if it came down to the booze and the girl or the artifact, he'd go after the booze and the girl. Arriving on Earth years ago, he decided to use the name Chang as he found it to be one of the most popular names on the planet. Deciding to stay on Earth because the alcohol is the best he's ever had, he befriends and enjoys the company of Adam. Chang must overcome his own inhibitions to help Adam survive the galaxy


The cosmic pirate

One of the wealthiest aliens in the galaxy. He is a Richard Branson type, if Richard Branson had a mental disorder. Despite his multiple personalities and frequent manic episodes, Z was able to build one of the largest and most successful artifact security firms in the galaxy. Unfortunately his mental problems caught up with him as one day during a manic episode, an entire artifact collection was stolen from a museum. This ruined his company and he lost his entire fortune. His only hope to restore his name and fortune is to travel to Earth and find Chang, whom he sent to Earth to find a special artifact. Z will have to fight his own mental problems and his conflict in restoring his name while helping Adam and Chang in the process


The intergalactic therapist

One of the most caring and sweetest beings in the universe, Ivy is a human female. Trained as a psychotherapist she loves helping people solve their problems. She has a knack for always having the solution to help people better their lives. Her personal life on the other hand is a disaster. Everything is in chaos and she can't seem to fix it. She has been in space for a while now, ever since Z abducted her from Earth. She is the only one who can sooth Z's mind during one of his manic episodes. Even in space she is successful in defusing tense situations with her natural charm and her intense beauty. She must struggle with her feelings of love for Adam and Z and get her life in order so that she can help Adam, Chang, and Z reach their destinies